The Startmate Fellowship exists to tangibly increase the economic growth generated by startups by systematically removing the bottlenecks to finding exceptional talent and upskilling the leaders of tomorrow.

Our programs help talented, ambitious people to gain the insights, network and skills needed to build the next generation of great technology…

Happy New Year!

Team Startmate returned this week ready to hit some big 2021 goals.

As we enter the first week of 2021, we wanted to reflect on how The Fellowship has evolved in 2020 and share where we’re going.

Cohort I consisted of 6 Fellows, as we tested the…

Expand your energy potential

Coming from an education system built up of hierarchies, traditional paths of progression and encouragement of linear career paths, landing in the startup world is a damn sure way to break the circuit.

Fancy degree + time = corner office.

The formula no longer holds. …

Sophia Witherington

Head of Fellowship @Startmate. Sharer of Fellowship Stories.

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